advertising must be agile

Consumers search quickly and diversely, using a plethora of conventional and online vehicles. You need to be in their sights immediately if you want their attention. That means accurate marketing with the right message so you know where to advertise and reach your target audience.
In short, YOU NEED A PLAN.

About Us

Founded in 1992 by James Albion, ZMJ Advertising specializes in partnering with small businesses in need of marketing organization, branding, message creation, and more.

  • Maybe you’re a startup business that needs market research, branding, and a kickstart.
  • Maybe you’re a business that needs that extra set of hands to handle the marketing.
  • Maybe you’re a business looking to change direction, re-brand, even re-launch.
  • Maybe you’re a business in “marketing chaos” – you don’t want to admit it, but you don’t know how much you’re really spending, what’s working and what’s a waste, ready to throw your hands up and just say, YIKES (or worse!).

How We Work

We are a full service agency, from market research, to creating your strategy, to executing your strategy, including handling your media buys. We can also handle your Vendor management as well as Budget management. We will discuss all of these as we progress.

First, invite us to see or call you (we NEVER come to you uninvited!) The initial consult is a sit-down in your office (or phone call if you are not within 2 hours of Dover, NH) to discuss your business, your history, your past marketing, what you feel works and does not work, etc. It’s a time to get a feel for each other, to see if a business-agency partnership can work. At the end of this consult, usually about 45-60 minutes, you will know if you want to continue with ZMJ or not.

Should you choose to work with ZMJ, we will put together an agency agreement, and a plan of action. It will start with our custom “Data Dump” which tells us, in detail, what you’ve been doing and where you’ve been to date. Even in marketing, we must know where you’ve been to know where we need to go

Our Clients

  • Safe-T-Storage
    (Self storage, FL)
  • Main Street Dental
    (Dental, NH)
  • BD Compliance
    (Compliance agency, NH
  • Rock Maple Racing
    (Snowmobile racing series, NH)
  • KTM Exteriors
    (Roofing, exteriors, NH)
  • Ridgeline Exteriors
    (Roofing, exteriors, ME)
  • Ames Department Stores
    (Over 55 Club, CT/national)
  • Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky, DDS
    (Dental, NJ)
  • Breckenridge Chiropractic
    (Chiropractor, VA)
  • Gentle Touch Dental Care
    (Dental, NY)
  • Alternative Bike
    (Cycling, retail, NH)
  • Made in the Shades
    (Glasses, retail, MN)
  • Pemi-Baker River Adventures
    (Rafting, NH)
  • Morris Chiropractic
    (Chiropractor, MS)
  • Dr. John Coleman, DMD
    (Dental, MS)
  • Black Forest Cafe
    (Restaurant & Bakery, NH)
  • Bayring Communications
    (Telecommunications, NH)
  • Planet Fitness
    (1st location, original materials, NH)
  • Ideal Mortgage
    (Home mortgages, NH)
  • The Herbal Path
    (Herbal pharmacy, NH)
  • Gail’s Carpet
    (Flooring, retail, NH)
  • Tri-Town Ice Arena
    (Skating, leagues concerts, NH)
  • DF Richard Energy
    (Oil, Propane, Bio-fuels, NH)
  • Spot Records
    (Music, record label, FL)

Our “Open Audit” Policy

“OK, what’s the catch?”
There’s no catch… really.

We believe in delivering quality work time efficiently AND at a fair price. So that our clients may be kept in the loop on their expenses, and how much they pay their agency, we developed our “Open Audit Policy” back in 1993. This is exactly what you think it is – we allow our clients to see all invoices, other costs associated with their account, and if we are handling budget management, we open a separate ZMJ account for your money and a designated debit card. A monthly pdf statement, including marketing activity and copy of your full ZMJ bank statement, is emailed showing your expenses each month.

If for some reason you are troubled or concerned with your statement, you are welcome to request an audit of your account for the month (or any month(s) up to six months back).  There is no fee for the audit. We run self-audits on all clients at the end of each calendar quarter.  Should adjustments need to be made, they are shown as adjustments in your next monthly statement.

President’s Message

ZMJ Advertising strives to bring its clientele personal attention, aggressive, effective marketing strategies, thoughtful advertising concepts, and high-quality design for small businesses. We believe your business is unique, and in turn you deserve a unique marketing strategy. We also understand the challenges of small businesses. We do our best to provide quality, effective marketing strategy within a budget with which you can work.

It is our job to relieve you from the mayhem of media salespeople and replace the guesswork of what will and won’t work for your business.

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