Research & Evaluation Services

In today’s complex marketplace, market research is essential to building and executing a successful marketing strategy. Research is the fundamental step that allows us to create the right message, for the right audience in the right place at the right time. Investing in a complete research program minimizes poorly spent advertising dollars, eliminates hunches and “favors,” and allows us to negotiate competitively on your behalf, thereby maximizing results.

More often than not, small businesses will “buy the brick and not the mortar.” They will purchase ad space, design services etc., but overlook the research to make misguided and costly “gut” decisions. Would you live in a house made of brick without mortar? Don’t let your advertising dollars collapse around you.

Services: Market Research, Media Analysis

Mixed Media Marketing

No one media vehicle stands alone as the industry’s “best.” Today’s advertising must be agile, inventive and specifically targeted in order to stand out amongst growing competition. This requires a well thought out, multi-pronged marketing plan. We utilize traditional advertising mediums such as print, radio, TV, and the web. We will also utilize unconventional marketing avenues such as cross-demographic promotions in order to create a custom plan that makes smart use of your budget and maximizes return on investment (ROI).

Services: Full-Service Branding Campaigns, Product Marketing, Online Marketing, Business to Business & Business to Consumer Strategies, Non-Traditional Marketing, Public Relations, Media Buying & Promotional Events.

Creative Services:

When we work on a project for our clients, we are not only working for them, we are working for their audience as well. A good marketing piece offers more than information. It makes an impact and stirs the emotions that encourage people to act.

If you're tired of working with the tech type, with weak design ability, or talented graphic designers who simply don't understand today’s marketing strategies or technology, then consider utilizing ZMJ Advertising. You’ll find yourself working with passionate and knowledgeable people who care about your project as much as you do.

Services: Copywriting, Brand Development and Logo Rejuvenation, Presentation Design, Web Design, Traditional Ad Fulfillment (TV, radio, print), Environmental and Point of Purchase Displays, Package Design, Direct Mail, Streaming Online Content, Disc Design and Replication.

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