How We Help You Make Your Mark

Just a few years ago, a typical approach towards marketing might have been to utilize network TV, balanced with some radio and newspaper then sit back and watch. The days of blanket media buys and traditional formulas are losing ground fast.

Today’s markets are experiencing incredible shifts in the way people choose to receive information. The average home now has over 100 cable TV channels to choose from, some channels commercial free. Many radio stations have become part of national radio networks, and studies show that newspaper advertising and readership continue to drop.

Successful marketing groups today emphasize research in order to develop valid strategies and effective communications. ZMJ wants to help your business by removing the noise and clarifying how your business communicates to your prospective customers in a cost effective manner.

Our Simple Steps are As Follows:
• Research thoroughly
• Develop a strong strategy
• Differentiate your business in the market
• Creatively execute the plan
• Evaluate traffic and other indicators.


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