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"OK, what’s the catch?"
There’s no catch… really.

We believe in delivering quality work time efficiently AND at a fair price. So that our clients may be kept in the loop on their expenses, and how much they pay their agency, we developed our acclaimed “Open Audit Policy.” This is exactly what you think it is – we allow our clients to see all invoices (vendor contact info removed), agency time logs, and other costs associated with their account.

A monthly statement is mailed (or you will be able to download a pdf version with a username and password) showing your expenses each month.  If for some reason you are troubled or concerned with your statement, you are welcome to request an audit of your account for the month (or any month(s) up to six months back).  There is no fee for the audit.

We run self audits on all clients at the end of each calendar quarter.  Should adjustments need to be made, they are shown as adjustments in your next monthly statement.

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